Gloves Around The World: Next shipment headed for Siaton, Philippines

ROCKFORD, IL — Gloves Around The World is an organization that was “created in the hopes to support and help underprivileged athletes all over the world to achieve their goals, with training and/or equipment(used or new)…”, according to their official Facebook page.

A group in Siaton, Philippines opens their first delivery.

The movement has now provided numerous sets of Gloves, Headgear, Shin Guards, hand wraps, and more to hundreds of underprivileged athletes in under a dozen countries worldwide. This movement is particularly fascinating to me because it shows the need for more understanding for third-world countries and brings cultures together through combative sports as a common ground.

If you are interested in donating gear to Gloves Around The World, please contact their official Facebook page for more information.

Skyler H. Whitenack

Skyler H. Whitenack is a tech-savvy, business growth expert with a background in the Healthcare, Martial Arts, and Fitness industries. Born in Tempe, Arizona and raised in Rockford, Illinois—Whitenack currently resides in the Chicagoland region of the Midwestern United States.

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