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Silent Disruptions in the Education System

Silent disruptions are several things or activities or thoughts that take away the attention of a student. In one way or another, a person can say these make the learner not concentrate on class activities or the teacher’s explanation. Some of these activities include noise, stress, cellphones, even social media.

No matter what happens, the student deserves to understand, and if a teacher notices an inattentive student, he deserves to do justice and bring that student’s attention back in class. Of course, it does matter how, but the teacher should do all he or she can to bring the student back in class. 

I have taken time off to give out some of the activities that disrupt students understanding or focus in class, and these are:

  • Disorganization of the student

Most teachers know that one student always desires to hide his face from the teachers. Most students come with several books or a pile of papers, and when these papers get carried away by wind or fall, the attention of such a child has driven away. Even sounds of vehicles outside a classroom take away the attention of the students.

  • Unappreciative response to data

Most teachers get to uncover a lot of data and desire to pump it all on the students in one good lecture or lesson, this becomes too much for the student or learner, making him or her lose concentration. When students do not respond to this data, they will get poor grades and not understand.

  • Inaccurate specificity 

Many students complain of inaccurate teachers when it comes to being clear on specific issues if they do not understand if it is poor or rush preparation for a lesson. Some teachers come with jammed up notes, and the students fail to grasp any data in the lecture, leaving them going home the way they came or even worse. 

Such teachers fail to involve students in rhetoric or simple questions, including eye contact, thus leaving the learner unattended.

  • Shallow Curriculum

Most times, the curriculum guides the teachers in what content the students ought to learn from. Many of these curricula do not take the students to the practical. Still, this hinders the students’ innovative nature of the education system, and thus goes the saying, work without play makes Jack a dull boy. These learners do not get time to play hence dullness, making any available opportunity get utilized for refreshment, which takes away a student’s concentration. 

  • Assessing Criteria

As for many who have been to school, you must have failed at least one test; these tests do not come to check on what we know. When a student or learner gets poor test results, he or she becomes mentally not fine. All the time, he or she will be in thoughts, looking for explanations to tell his or her parents. They will be thinking about all the mocking they will receive from the friends or peers who performed better hence leading to loss of concentration and understanding in a student.


Certain times, people do not need distractions when focused on attaining a specific goal. Teachers need to do all they can to uplift those students who are not yet where they ought to be. Teachers also need to be able to guide and counsel those who look drained and mentally disturbed to ensure a smooth teaching, learning and good grading at school. 

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