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Tackling Homework on Martial Art Styles

Are you having trouble tackling martial art styles essay assignments? Would you like to learn some useful tips that could help you tackle your assignment more easily? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we shall look at a couple of incredible tips and facts about martial art styles. If you love this art, then this is an article you would not want to miss out on.

General martial arts

Actors such as Jackie Chan, jet li, and Bruce lee made martial pretty famous in Europe and North America. Martial is used to describe a couple of sports that involve fighting.

Ever wondered where the name martial arts came from? Well, its root is mars. Mars was the war god of the Romans. However, most martial arts are actually not all about combat. Some have incredible philosophical and religious overtones and build great self-discipline.

Martial arts emphasizes on spiritual and mental training, which goes hand in hand with physical exercise.

Some myths try to explain how martial arts came to be, with the most common one being this one: it states that kung fu was developed back in 500 AD by a Chinese monk after he learned the skill art from an Indian monk known as Bodhidharma.

However, the truth is that fighting systems came to be a couple of hundreds or thousands of years back. They were developed by secret societies and military organizations in Asia. Most East Asian fighting systems were influenced by some ancient practices which immerged from china and India.

Now that we have gone through the basics of martial arts history let us dig a little bit deeper.

Chinese Martial Arts

Many people from the west assume that martial arts in Chinese is known as kung Fu. However, kung Fu actually means skill, which means that painting and cooking also fall under kung Fu. The term commonly used to describe martial arts in China is Wushu.

Wushu came to be around two thousand and five hundred years ago. The fighting system has over a hundred fighting styles. The styles were developed in different regions; hence some have a bit of contrast.

The following religions strongly influence wushu:

  1. Buddhism
  2. Confucianism
  3. Daoism

Different techniques can be used to create wushu; hence the varieties are ever-changing. The style can also be learned in a couple of different ways, which include:

  1. A practicing or exercising regime
  2. A performance art taught in an academy of martial art

The wushu has two categories, namely:

  1. Internal – emphases on flowing movement and the control of your body energy
  2. External – includes the speedy movement, powerful punches, and kicks

Therefore the external category is more focused on the combat side of martial arts, but the internal is not. The internal category is mostly angled towards defending yourself rather than fight. The most commonly practiced internal art of martial art is Tai chi. It focuses on relaxation and exercise.

Some wushu styles are based upon animals, for example, the monkey style or an eagle style. Other incredible wushu styles include:

  1. Drunken boxing
  2. Hung bear
  3. Wing chu

Japanese Martial Arts

Most famous Japanese martial arts came from the samurai warriors. The Zen Buddhism greatly influenced the warriors.

The art focuses on:

  1. Worldly detachment
  2. Enlightenment

The skill is taught by a sensei, inside of a room known as a dojo headed by a master.

Some Japanese martial arts are combative such as:

  1. Jujitsu
  2. Kenjutsu
  3. Ninjutsu

Skills that come hand in hand with this martial art include:

  1. Meditation
  2. Self-defense


Martial arts is a pretty exciting art. However, an essay assignment on it can be overwhelming. But if you implement the tips provided in this article, then your essay will be marvelous.

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