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Five Reasons Why You Should Major in Sociology

Do you want to major in sociology? Are you stuck wondering if you are making the right decision studying sociology? Then here is an article for you. I have done a lot of research to bring you this article, which will clear all your doubts about sociology.

Transferable skills

College is fun to attend, but we can all agree it is the “after-campus life” that matters. It is where you apply all that you learned to attain a well-paying job. Sociology offers that and much more. With the large number of skills taught in this course, you can be sure to get a well-paying job.

You can combine sociology with other courses like criminology to up your odds in the job searching market. Skills taught in sociology play a crucial role in criminology to solve cases that require critical thinking. Sociology can be used together with political science. Political science is all about studying society, and sociology does the same but in a sophisticated manner. You can therefore be sure to shine in your interviews and score high-paying jobs.

Different perspectives

A university is a place where you meet new people. People of all races and tribes. People who view the world from a different perspective in regards to yours.

Sociology is a course that targets people with different perspectives about life. With the large university population, new ideas come in every day. Students learn from each other and end up improving their intellectual understanding of the world.

Sociology is the only course where you will find people with many different solutions to a problem. Each of which is right.


Unlike other courses where you have to struggle to fit in, sociology is quite fair to every student. Every student has a unique point of view, which is heard and considered. To top it off, you can combine the course with courses such as criminology.

You learn about how criminology is related to sociology and how to use them both harmoniously. Having these two courses help you shine in your interview, and a well-paying job is guaranteed.

Always evolving

Sociology, as we have seen, is focused on the study of society. Society is a factor that is not constant, it keeps on evolving every day. Sociology is hence not fixed on research done earlier. It keeps on adding to the old research. You can therefore be sure to learn new topics every once in a while.

Universities have even started to offer new degrees that branch from sociology.  For example, a new course entitled Black studies is now taught in universities abroad. Such courses only prove that sociology is an evolving course.

It makes a difference

Why else would you study sociology if not to make a difference in society? All that is studied in sociology, if put to action, make a huge difference in the society. Imagine knowing all the shortcomings of your local and international society. That information alone can help you make drastic changes in society as a whole.

That is why many politicians study sociology before they venture into politics.


Many students think that studying sociology is a waste of time and resources. They, however, have no idea about the vital role it plays in a persons’ life. So if you are looking to study sociology, I hope this article has given you all the answers you need and cleared all your doubts.

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