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Dojo Spotlight: Meet ‘Ground Flow Grappling’

A Wednesday night class poses for a group picture. [COURTESY: THIENLY TRUONG]

MARENGO, IL — If you venture about 60 miles northwest of Chicago, you’ll find the quaint little town of Marengo, Illlinois, which—among other things—was once home to notorious lawyer, David Boies.

Today, we’re focused on Marengo as the home to Ground Flow Grappling, which makes a notable mark within the Northern Illinois Jiujitsu scene. Ground Flow was founded in 2018 by the Jiujitsu-loving couple, Tony & Kari Velasco. The duo first met at a neighboring gym and eventually solidified their love in the sport, as well as with each other. This foundation of true passion for the sport created a culture of great enthusiasm and genuine interest among students.

The workouts are hard and the sessions very educational. I’ve developed an enthusiasm for a sport in just a few weeks thanks to the classes. —Alex P. (Student)

According to the gym’s Facebook page, “[They] believe in teaching […] Martial Arts in a friendly and informative matter. If you join our team you are family and we believe that it is a community effort to help everyone achieve their goals! Ground Flow is here to help you build confidence and help you get in the best shape of your life!”

If you are interested in visiting Ground Flow Grappling, simply reach out via their Facebook page or visit their affiliate page for more information.

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