Children's Martial Arts

Does martial arts promote violence?

Yes, it’s true—we kick & punch things. Does this make our sport violent? Are we encouraging violent behavior in children?

Our industry sometimes encounters resistance from parents who want the best for their child, but assume that enrolling their child in a Martial Arts class would make their child think, and/or act more violently than other children.

Contrary to popular belief, Martial Arts is not, in fact, a violent activity in practice. Nearly every Dojo in our industry would argue that any child, man, or women can benefit from training in a Martial Arts program.

Skyler H. Whitenack

Skyler H. Whitenack is a tech-savvy, business growth expert with a background in the Healthcare, Martial Arts, and Fitness industries. Born in Tempe, Arizona and raised in Rockford, Illinois—Whitenack currently resides in the Chicagoland region of the Midwestern United States.

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